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History[ edit ] The neighborhood is situated around Gerritsen Creek , the westernmost inlet of Jamaica Bay ; [4] the creek’s path within the neighborhood was covered in These beach strips form a surf-barrier and allow salt marshes to thrive: Gerritsen Creek was a freshwater stream that once extended about twice as far inland as it does today. Around the creek north of Avenue U was converted into an underground storm drain. Yet it continues to supply the salt marsh with fresh water, which helps the marsh support a wide range of organisms. Pits for cooking and preparing food dating from to AD were uncovered in Marine Park, along with deer and turtle bones, oyster shells, and sturgeon scales. In the 17th century, the Dutch began to settle in the area, which had similarities to the marshland and coastal plains of the Netherlands. The land proved to be fairly good farmland and there was an abundance of clams, oysters, and game from the region as well.

History of the United States Marine Corps

The results elicited countless jokes about how nobody needed a study to know that. The Marines have long had a reputation for attracting the most adventurous—and arguably reckless—recruits into its ranks. However, in recent years, the sexual misadventures of Marines have put the Corps under scrutiny. It also has the highest number of sexual assaults of the armed services, and it was at the center of the infamous Marines United nude photo-sharing scandal that led to a criminal investigation and congressional hearings last year.

Not in My Marine Corps (#NotInMyMarineCorps) is a group of dedicated active duty and veteran military members, joined together to advocate against sexual harassment and assault in the U.S. Military.

Quantico is just off U. Route 1 and Interstate The area around the base has a long military history dating back to the Civil War. Marine Corps Base, Quantico, is currently the home of more than 7, military personnel and employs more than 2, civilian employees. One of the more popular Northern Virginia tourist attractions, the Marine Corps Air-Ground Museum, draws more than 25, visitors annually and is located at Quantico.

Quantico Marine Corps Base occupies more than 60, acres, making it one of the largest pieces of property anywhere along the Potomac; larger than any of the county, state, regional, or national parks in the area. Wildlife specialists say that the open space has allowed threatened plants and wildlife to survive.


In June , the Marines repeatedly repulsed the Germans in Belleau Wood, ending the offensive to take the city. Soon afterward, a Marine recruiting poster painted by artist Charles B. Marines—Devil Dog Recruiting Station. Brigadier General Smedley D. Eventually promoted to ultimate Marine rank, Sgt. Jiggs was interred with full military honors.

Marine Corps Historic Half Description Along the way, runners pass significant landmarks dating back to the nation’s beginnings and notable neighborhoods that were home to America’s forefathers, including Presidents George Washington and James Monroe.

Modern composite Chobham armor may be several times more efficient against Chemical Energy than RHA of the same thickness. Tank Protection Levels web site. Additional weight reduction, embedded battle command, survivability enhancement, signature management, safety improvement, and product upgrade modifications to the M1A2 will comprise the “M1A2 Tank FY ” configuration. Fielding to the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment, Ft. Carson, Colorado is ongoing.

The potential exits for a retrofit program of M1A2 tanks to the SEP configuration between and Carson, Colorado ended in Among the systems terminated were: The FEP also includes an eyesafe laser rangefinder, north-finding module and precision lightweight global positioning receiver which provide targeting solutions for the new Far Target Locate FTL function.

The FEP also includes an eyesafe laser rangefinder, north-finding module and precision lightweight global positioning receiver which provide targeting solutions for the new far target locate FTL function. General Dynamics Continued Improvement: The AGT engine has served the Abrams tank well.

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Geological data from A. All reliable surveys, charts, and aerial photos are used to quantify decadal-scale changes at the three estuary entrances and four sub-cells of the littoral cell. Shoreline, bathymetric, and topographic change over three historical intervals— s— s, s— s, and s— s—are integrated to provide an understanding of sediment-sharing relationships among the littoral cell components. The construction of entrance jetties at the Columbia River — and Grays Harbor — has profoundly affected the evolution of the littoral cell, and has accentuated the morphological coupling between the inlets, ebb-tidal deltas, shorefaces, and barriers.

The jetties induced erosion of the inlets and offshore migration of ebb-tidal deltas.

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The wolf waits, The wolf waits in darkness for us all. Unexpected violence was the Legion’s calling card, its campaigns unsubtle, but brutally swift. Like their latter-day namesakes, the wolves of old Terra, its warriors’ assaults were calculated exercises in ferocity, aimed to tear and rend until the foe lay in ruins or was driven to its death. But it was with the restoration to the Legion of its Primarch , Leman Russ , and its settling on the icy Death World of Fenris , one of the most perilous and strange of Mankind’s ancient homes, that the VI Legion’s nature would find its apotheosis and the Space Wolves would truly be born.

Under its master and gene-sire Leman Russ, the Space Wolves Legion would reave a bloody path across the stars of the Great Crusade, but never stray far in truth from the shadow of the Emperor. For, unlike their brother Legions, the Space Wolves were kept under the tight control of the Imperial Court and unleashed at the Emperor’s command as often to chastise those who would renege on their oaths of service as to destroy those who resisted the offer of Compliance upon the dark frontier.

This oft-served role as bloody-handed tool of punishment, coupled with the secret purposes to which the Legion had been used and the Space Wolves’ rapidly increasing cultural idiosyncrasy, steadily drove a wedge between the VI and the other Space Marine Legions as the standard decades of war ground on. So it was by the closing years of the Great Crusade and the ascension of the Warmaster Horus that the Space Wolves in many ways stood a Legion isolated and apart.

With some of their brethren they maintained ties of comradeship and respect, however distantly, but with others there simmered mutual acrimony and distrust, and others still considered them no more than leashed monsters, set loose only to kill when needed — something less than human and in truth perhaps even less than Astartes. Of such opinions or considerations the Space Wolves cared little; they knew well enough that they were not the builders of empire, nor were they the watchers on its walls, nor lock-step soldiers who cared for bright pageantry and meaningless contests for rank and perfection — they were predators, thus they had been made, and woe betide any who fell into their jaws.

The Primarchs The Space Wolves are one of the greatest of the Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes , their name and honours known throughout the galaxy. As one of the original twenty Space Marine Legions , the Space Wolves were founded by the Emperor Himself over ten thousand standard years ago.

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The U.S. Marines Corps is a branch of the U.S armed forces responsible for providing force protection from the sea using the mobility of the U.S Navy. It is one of seven uniformed services of the U.S.

The United States Marines have a proud tradition, dating back as an institution to , and operationally well before that. Marines are deployed over the sea in naval vessels, in order to respond quickly to emerging threats. Historically Marines have had a reputation for being first responders in perilous situations. Thus their attitude and persona include a certain swagger, which is also expressed in tattoo art.

Marine tattoos seem to always include “USMC” as part of the image. The word can look great with awesome fonts or other elements which are used to enhance the lettering. Other elements can include the bald eagle, bulldogs, knives, and combat scenes. We’ll now look at several Marine tattoo designs to help generate some ideas for your art. The tribal design is very well done, and works with the USMC lettering nicely.

I only wish the tattoo artist, or the person requesting the design, would have lightened up the inner parts of the letters “USMC” so we could see them a little clearer. Even with that it’s still a great tattoo. The straight line going through the lettering keeps it all tied together while the quality of the lettering itself is awesome.

The font combines sharp points and curves to generate a terrific effect.

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Control wheels, instrument panels, cockpit collectibles and artifacts from the DC-3 through , home-sim parts, and other memorabilia. Components from dismantled aircraft are used to provide “Hands On” experience to school children in order to stimulate interest in aviation. They also provide financial assistance to children’s hospitals and organizations that specialize in the needs of children. Most of the site is devoted to The Collector’s Guide to Airline Timetables, a reference index to timetable publication dates from over airlines worldwide dating from the s until the present.

Limited edition art from top artists, air to air and low level photography, aviation multimedia CD’s, first flight flown covers from various RAF aircraft. Aircraft and space themes are especially widely presented.

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Among the coming changes: The adjustments are designed to give leaders more leeway in prosecuting or punishing offenders. Former and current female Marines have reported their photographs and those of women in other services being posted on social media pages without their consent. Investigators are also looking into threatening and obscene comments Marines wrote accompanying the images. The new policy makes it clear how existing rules and the Uniform Code of Military Justice can be used to prosecute offensive, indecent or disrespectful online activities.

But it creates no new laws, underscoring the legal quagmire posed by the internet and the constraints on military leaders posed by privacy laws and the First Amendment right of free speech. Released in recent days by Gen.

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Marines with Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron , Marine Aircraft Group 29, 2nd Marine Air Wing, II Marine Expeditionary Force returned to Marine Corps Air Station New River, N.C., from a deployment to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, Dec. 6,

But starting April 8, , the landscape was temporarily adorned with trucks, biologists and a helicopter all in support of one being: The translocation, in accordance with a U. Fish and Wildlife Service-signed biological opinion, serves as a negotiated mitigation to support a congressionally mandated land expansion, which will afford the installation the ability to conduct Large Scale Exercise training featuring up to a Marine Expeditionary Brigade-level force.

During this two-week long translocation approximately 1, desert tortoises will be located, assessed for health concerns or disease, and carefully translocated to their new homes. Additionally they will conduct post-translocation clearance surveys for approximately five years. These surveys will require NREA to periodically scout for any remaining desert tortoises. Brian Henen, base ecologist, NREA, the translocation is much more involved than just picking up the tortoises and placing them in a different location.

The physical translocation involves locating and identifying the animals by radio transmitters affixed to them during the initial analysis. Then delivering them in individual bins via helicopter to one of five pre-selected recipient sights. Each tortoise has been paired up with a specific location, nearly to the square meter, that meets rigorous criteria. The animals are being moved now because the temperatures are not too hot or cold, which gives them an adequate amount of time to find a burrow which ensures assimilation and survivorship.

If there is a group of animals in a certain area, some of them more than likely know each other. The Marine Corps and USFWS have coordinated extensively on natural resource management measures with added emphasis and focus on the desert tortoise.

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Army , private is used for the two lowest enlisted ranks , just below private first class E-3 or PFC. The lowest rank is “Private E-1 ” or PV1, and sometimes referred to as recruit , but also held by some soldiers after punishment through the Uniform Code of Military Justice or prisoners after conviction until they are discharged. A PV1 wears no uniform rank insignia; since the advent of the Army Combat Uniform , the term “fuzzy” has come into vogue, referring to the blank velcro patch on the ACU where the rank would normally be placed.

The second rank, “Private E-2 ” or PV2, wears a single chevron, known colloquially as ” mosquito wings”. Advancement to the PV2 is automatic after six months’ time in service, but may get shortened to four months if given a waiver. It should also be noted that while a soldier is currently in Initial Enlistment Training, he or she will often be referred to as “Private” by the training cadre, regardless of actual rank, even if the soldier enlisted as a Specialist E

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I’m a multiple deployment combat vet of the Marine Corps. I got hurt pretty badly and am now retired. I generally stay off Facebook because with all the guys I know on there it ends up depressing. Half of everything on there is Corps or Afghan related. I was added to the group Marines United. Many of the people on this sub were also members since the group had over 50, people.

It was just another group. One day I decided to go look at the group. What I found were a bunch of great guys talking about Marine stuff. However- they were a minority. The vast majority of the posted items were pictures of girls posts without permission, revenge porn, creepy stalker-like photos taken of girls in public, talk about rape, racist comments and just straight bullshit.

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