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Random Article Blend Destiny 2 has been out for several weeks and, in case you’ve missed all of the reviews , pretty much everyone agrees that this second outing was a huge step forward for the series. The game is more focused, has a far better campaign, and the team at Bungie did a good job of addressing many of the first game’s shortcomings. Despite their best efforts, though, it appears at least one aspect of Destiny 2 is still woefully lacking: Earlier this year, Bungie unveiled a pair of features meant to address one of the biggest issues players had with the original Destiny. In the first game, players were unable to utilize matchmaking for Nightfall Strikes, the more difficult versions of three-player missions, and Raids , massive dungeon dives that require six team members to complete. As Director Luke Smith stated during the Destiny 2 reveal event this past summer, not having matchmaking in those events effectively locked many players out of the content. I know that to be true, as I was one of those players. Using third-party sites and “looking for group” forums, it was a nightmare trying to get a couple extra people together to play Nightfall events. Obviously, that problem was elevated fold when it came to the Raid, which requires twice the number of players. Rather than playing Destiny, I found myself spending a ridiculous amount of time trying to find a couple of people who wanted to run a mission that would have taken us a fraction of that time to actually complete.

Destiny raid matchmaking lfg

Its bad enough they ruined Nightfalls Gee how do we make Nightfalls more interesting.. Is there gear you can get in a raid that gives an advantage in pvp? So if you want the highest power level you have to do the raid for gear of higher power from the raid chests. And as Power IS what light level was if you want the best damage and the most resilience you need the highest power.

General game forum ; Fair Matchmaking Sign in to follow this As already posted, suppose they just add something simple like an additional checkbox to matchmaking like: the difficulty of going up against teams with a button that effectively let’s him make sure everyone else in that raid is also only playing Solo than it also affects.

January 25 1 hour ago, Satah said: Nobody has brought up so far, what exactly would be bad about the possibility to play fair matches. The game would still be difficult. Playing solo would still be a lot harder than playing in a team, since it would still be a deathmatch with just 1 life. To me it seemingly has only 2 major effects: Players who want to play fair matches, can then do so. Note that the issue here is fairness and not difficulty.

While difficulty can be a challenge, unfairness is usually just frustrating. Players don’t like unfairness, which is for example why p2w is such a big deal. You wouldn’t argue “p2w is good for a game, because players can enjoy the challenge”, would you? Because that would artificially limit the realism of the game. Not only that but it puts more strain on the resources needed to run the servers. Let’s look at this example:

Bungie Confirms No Plans for Raid Matchmaking in Destiny, Dark Below Launch Trailer

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Dec 31,  · So do you raid? The numbers of this poll show the number of people who visit the forum who raid. I suspect this poll is skewed, since I”m fairly sure most of the game’s population doesn’t frequently the forums. PvP for example has a sophisticated matchmaking system to create matches between equally skilled players to get.

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So the players registering first enters one hood and who ever wanna change uses gold’s to switch Ok let’s take if now the hoods introduce again n one hood made for def n one for attack I bet players will opt to be placed in attack one coz no one wants to be put with higher def people.. Also nowdays what players do is they makes one segment better to HV a better chance so the thing comes back and that is for example if a person has 6k attack n 12 k def he would basically opt for attack hood and be placed in a place where no one can actually beat him My suggestion is the one I posted above and in case that can’t be done I have one more suggestion to be made here Ok so how many players remember the power stat previously?

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Edit There are three Sync Plates that must be activated and protected simultaneously. The best way to do this is to split the fireteam into three groups of two members each and have each group activate and protect one plate. The plates can be activated by standing in the circle for a few seconds. Each zone has line-of-sight of each other, so it is possible to provide support for the other groups if they are having a tough time.

For example, if you see your team mates struggling on one of the zones that is visible to you, then you can snipe or shoot rockets to help clear out the Vex. The plate at the top near the entrance is typically the easiest to defend, so the two group members who are defending the top Sync Plate should help the others when possible.

Bungie discusses matchmaking for Destiny raids

Destiny 2 – Argos boss fight strategy How to prepare and what you need to know about the Eater of Worlds Raid Lair As with the likes of Leviathan Raid , this activity offers challenges and rewards unlike anything else in the game. Here’s ways to prepare and things to know about Leviathan: Unlike the Leviathan Raid, there is no exploring of the Underbelly, working out how to get to the next encounter, or a strange checkpoint system; a door will be open from the outside of the setting as soon as you load in, the route through is linear, and you will start back at the last encounter you played if you quit out that week.

But like the Leviathan Raid, you will have a limited amount of revive tokens on Normal difficulty – meaning each player can only revive one player for that attempt. It will help to get as close to the max Power level as possible. Even though the recommended level is , and you can get away with reaching the end without being at the cap for most of your team, the end encounter requires a high level of damage output to make things go smoother.

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Destiny is not making a big show at E3 this year. Bungie has been mum on the topic, but creative director Christopher Barrett has let a few details slip. Barrett says the raid will start in a public space, most likely in The Plaguelands, the new destination on earth being added in Rise of Iron. Fans generally enjoyed the public space start to Vault of Glass, which meant random players could wander into the area while a raid team was trying to complete the first stage of the raid.

In addition, Barrett also confirmed that the raid will continue to require players to form their own fireteams—there is no matchmaking for the raid. This has been the case for every raid in Destiny and is therefore not surprising, but still disappointing for solo players.

Fair Matchmaking

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter The developer behind Destiny, Bungie, has revealed that it is considering adding matchmaking to certain levels in Destiny. Speaking in the Weekly Update on Bungie. Keep sounding off about it, and maybe someday some matchmade Fireteam mates will hear you, too. Instead, players would only likely be able to complete the raids with people they know and can communicate with effectively.

Bungie writer Luke Smith stated: According to the Bungie man, these are simply placeholders put in place so that when the content hits in December the game will be better prepared.

A great idea, initiated by the Revenue Management Advisory Board and supported with a lot of enthusiasm by the other Advisory Boards, is now a reality!.

Nov 2, I recently got into a discussion with my friends who play Destiny on PS4. I play on PC. I was complaining how there was no easy way for me to do the Nightfall other than jumping through hoops LFG, Companion app. They disagree and seemed to think that it was a good thing that this was not an option due to how difficult the content can be and the amount of teamwork it requires and also that Bungie’s official stance is basically that they want you to make friends through using these vetting systems.

Destiny 2 does have the Guided Games system. But this does not really prove as adequate as regular matchmaking. There is the arbitrary stipulation that you must either be a solo player seeking to match with 2 other players who are of the same clan or vicd versa. Obviously, the queues are extremely lopsided with solo being upwards of a half hour sometimes vs a minute or two with a clan member. Adding matchmaking would not undermine the other systems that people if they want to avoid playing with randoms.

I feel the idea that Bungie does not allow matchmaking at these levels because it isn’t in line with their philosophy is really just them being willingly obtuse. While Bungie is fully within their artistic rights to make this decision, it feels to be a bit disregardful of their community. At what point is a developer expected to put their own “philosophy” on design aside for the wants of the community they are catering to?

Destiny 2: SECRET CORRUPTED FALLEN? Engram Limits, Glimmer Cap, Nightfall & Raid Matchmaking