List of Celebrity Illuminati Members: Confirmed and Current

The Onassis Bloodline Understanding the forces that are shaping our lives, on the one hand is Jesus who aches to save us, and on the other side is Satan who laughs at how he continues to put deceptions over on us. God has made provision for us. God has offered us the understanding and wisdom of what is going on- We do not have to remained confused as to how world events are happening or what they are planning to do. The Bible says the wise shall understand. This series of articles is offered to help people understand the real movers and shakers of the world, the men and families who control politicians and preachers like puppets. Aristotle was an Illuminati king, a shipping tycoon, an intelligent ruthless hard-driving man, a man of the world who spoke a number of languages such as French, Spanish, English, Italian, and Turkish. His ever-present sunglasses made him look like Al Capone to a number of people.

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I refuse to let it define me.

Feb 06,  · What is the Illuminati? The term “illuminati” was a slang term used in the late s to refer to wealthy people who don’t want to obey laws, who dislike all.

The languages, especially French and Greek, are highly valued, at least for comprehension of books; Italian and English also have their value. Besides, those who want to travel must comprehend at least one language. Hence the duty, even gratitude, of submission and obedience: Therefore, the Order intends to protect its members against all oppressors, and aspirants, etc. Soli,13 in which he mentions: This requirement applies to all classes, and no one is exempt. If one is negligent, the subordinate as well as the superior who failed to forward the envelope in time, is liable to a fine proportionate to his means.

If envelopes are presented [p. In the latter case, we assume there is no one poorer than himself, especially since intelligence reports were previously gathered on his position [in life]. In the first case, each superior, before reception, charge his candidate a proportionate contribution which, for the candidates of modest means, will remain at their convenience; for those of a middle class a ducat; and for those who live in comfort a carolin. This is the proposal that is made, before a copy of the statutes with the reverse exposed, to include the handwritten signature of the candidate who has paid the sum heard the same day; he will contribute an amount equal the second year, likewise for those who are engaged for three years.

The contribution is presented by superiors to those above them; and if it is not presented within a specified time, we confront the immediate supervisor at his home.

Do you think AVICII was killed off by the Illuminati

Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: In many doctrines, it has been taught for years, that the Mark of the Beast would be a Tattoo, even taking it as far as believing that it may be a tattooed bar-code, which as we saw, could be said to contain an encrypted This became pretty much the only interpretation for such a statement found in the Book of Revelation, during a time of very few technological advances, therefore the only way for a person to imagine this Mark, was as a tattooed bar-code, making you nothing more than a product.

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Who and What is the Illuminati? It doesn’t upset me to write on the topic of the Illuminati, I was explaining why I write under a pen name, that is all. I received a letter recently in which it was alleged that I write under a pen name because I’m a phony, which is not true at all. I am a freelance writer on the side I write for nursing magazines and publications on health topics that have NOTHING to do with abuse and understand the need for fact checking, so no offense is taken at your wanting to know my background.

In fact, it shows you are a responsible editor, which I admire. I have nothing to hide. I have gained no money for disclosing; I do NOT go on talk shows, I am unknown and prefer it this way. I have absolutely no secondary gain from doing this, other than the medical bills for my children, which means I work three part-time jobs. This is to answer the skeptics who say that people disclose for: Guess which topic I write on more frequently?

Women’s health, on completely non-abuse issues. The editors of the Nursing magazines and women’s magazines don’t know about the other topic I write on, another reason I write under a pen name. I don’t write for fame.

Illuminati Exposed

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Illuminati Tattoos For Men – Enlightened Design Ideas There is no finer way to prepare for the New World Order than with a mysterious Illuminati tattoo. To show your cred among conspiracy theorists, this illuminating ink is the classiest way to go.

Welcome to the New Enlightenment Ayana Thursday, 3 February Doomsday Postponed: According to a new report , the conversion from the Mayan calendar to the Gregorian calendar may have been conducted improperly, leading to a potential multi-decade miscalculation: That would throw the supposed and overhyped apocalypse off by decades and cast into doubt the dates of historical Mayan events. The doomsday worries are based on the fact that the Mayan calendar ends in , much as our year ends on Dec.

The evidence to support the inaccuracies of the date, however, is disputed by other researches. Of interest to those who are intrigued by the Mayan calendar are a couple of points worthy of mention. Students of the Mayan calendar identified an important date within the calendar some time ago called the One Reed, Ce Acatal, which prophesied that an important ancestor would return, coming like a butterfly over the oceans.

Incidentally, One Reed, Ce Acatal fell on April 21, which so happened to be the very day that Hernando Cortez arrived on the shores of the New Foundland – the Mayan Indians witnessed their arrival. Using this date as a benchmark would suggest that December 21, is still on target. Of course, the April 21, date may have just been coincidence, or described a completely different event than that which occurred. In reference to December 21, , the Mayans, well known for their study of the stars, may have foreseen a galactic alignment which occurs during the winter solstice every year.

The difference with , reportedly, is that the Sun will be aligned unusually: The galactic alignment represents the alignment of the winter solstice Sun as viewed from the Earth with the galactic equator.


Or do they owe their success to being members of a super secret cult? Here are 15 celebrities rumored to be in the Illuminati. And please note the sarcasm in the commentary. Well, he is a time traveler so anything is possible. Or the sign of the devil? Well, he is a successful artist and a Roc-A-Fella member.

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It’s taking longer than we thought. Does May Day actually commemorate the birth of the Illuminati? February 4, Dear Cecil: Just exactly what event are the Russians and Red Chinese commemorating on May 1 each year? Someone once told me, though, that May 1, , was the birth date of a group called the Illuminati, which was alleged to be a clandestine group devoted to one-world government. Better grab yourself a sandwich and a beer, Bobberino; this is going to take a while. The Illuminati play a leading role in what is without doubt the muthah conspiracy theory of all time, stretching back at least two centuries and probably as far as the Pleistocene epoch, to hear some tell it.

Adherents of the theory, who for the most part are right-wing fruitcakes, claim it explains every social upheaval from the French Revolution of through the Russian Revolution of May Day, an international celebration of worker solidarity observed principally in socialist countries, traces its origins back to the eight-hour-day movement in the U. We learn this, incidentally, from the Great Soviet Encyclopedia.

15 Celebrities Rumored To Be In the Illuminati

A woman who was raised in the Illuminati cult describes a powerful secret organization comprising one percent of the U. She was the sixth head trainer in the San Diego branch and had 30 trainers reporting to her. She describes a sadistic Satanic cult led by the richest and most powerful people in the world. It is Aryan supremacist German is spoken at the top but welcomes Jewish apostates.

Illuminati Y2K adds new ways to beef up your Illuminati group and its puppets. Use High Fashion to channel megabucks to Discordia, or Computer Dating Services to add extra cards to the Network’s hand.

It is also considered as the secret world, there are lots of hidden facts and secrets that are kept away from the public, only when you join the sect can truth be revealed. Therefore, they constantly feud among themselves while at the same time striving to increase the base of their power and undermine any obstructive competition. This is achieved by teaching young kids about the non-existence of church and Jesus Christ. All these are done to lure their thinking hence taking control of their thoughts, sentiments, lifestyle and judgement.

Illuminati Members control the news and media in general, particularly television If this is known by the general public, many would be keen to find out the details hence shunning any sign of strangeness, no matter how little it manifests is essential. Therefore, the members of the Illuminati will definitely not let out the truth to you and just as mentioned; it is only when you join that the secret can be revealed. After all, you will be part and parcel of the movement hence expected to pursue similar goals.

Former Luciferian (Satanic) Cult Member Exposes the Dark Illuminati Agenda

Alice Hines, a journalist for New York Magazine , decided to take the app for a spin to see what it really was like. He was 21 and had a monkey on his shoulder. Would you like to see more? I pressed a play button and my iPhone filled with a Patrick montage set to music. In fact, it was something in-between.

Top Ways To Tell If Someone Is An Illuminati Written by Danny P Ocean on I promise he is not Illuminati if he is dating your daughter. Illuminati do not date outside the organization. they have arranged marriages designed to breed for the children they want. so your daughters boyfriend maybe a satanist or a weirdo but he’s not illuminati.

I admit there is something strangely powerful about getting Gwyneth Paltrow to think it was not only OK to use the N-word but that it was somehow a welcome and status-confirming gesture. But powerful in that purely symbolic and expectation-smashing way that hip-hop continues to be powerful, growing and expanding and colonizing new spheres of everyday life, never bothering to resolve its contradictions, conditioning generations of us instead to understand and even anticipate that strange things will continue to happen.

Powerful in a basic, fleeting, previously unimaginable, That shit cray sort of way. Making a fool of Gwyneth Paltrow is one thing — and maybe an easy thing at that. All was not well for the seemingly well-matched pair, who had married in their early 20s and spent the ensuing decade as society-page regulars.

After weathering suspicions for months, even going so far as to befriend Electronica just to see what was up — here is a photo of them hunting together! This story was already strange enough.

YOU Can Be Elite – Infuriate The Masses With Illuminati Secrets To Mind Control The World (+Infield)