And she said, “We’re all just prisoners here, of our own device”, And in the master’s chambers, They gathered for the feast, They stab it with their steely knives, But they just can’t kill the beast. I’m back on the blog again Into the jungle Today, we will take a foray into the wilds of the bureaucratic jungle. Mind where you step, its a dangerous place and often resembles the hazardous, yet somewhat magical ecosystem found in ‘Lost’ , in which creatures seem out of place or terrifying monsters tap into the psyche of crash survivors to create ‘cages of fear’ that they cannot seemingly escape. Perhaps you are one, two or even three steps or more away from front line field action, and like Alice , you are following the white rabbit down too many twisty-turny rabbit holes into the Wonderland of Kafka -esque futility. The further you are from walking in solidarity with disaster affected people the worse it gets. You might be in a capital city trying to ‘remote manage’ multiple teams in field locations or you might be even a few more steps up or down the food chain depending on how you look at it.

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Reuniting It all started a few months back. My Mom told me “Hey Stupid, there’s some mail for you”, and threw a postcard sized flyer at me. She handed it to me, totally didn’t throw it. The card was inviting me to come celebrate the 5 year reunion of the class of Providence College.

Best Coast has evolved far beyond her three-chord, half-baked odes to California to songs like “California Nights” (which, fine, is an ode to California, we guess), that opens with the line.

Formed in by singer-songwriter Nathan Williams born June 12, the band also features Alex Gates guitar, backing vocals , Stephen Pope bass guitar, backing vocals and Brian Hill drums and backing vocals. History Formation and early days Wavves started in as the recording project of Nathan Williams. Wavves released several 7″s as well as a cassette leading up to the first release, Wavves.

After gaining recognition, Ryan Ulsh was enlisted as a touring drummer and Wavves embarked on their first US and European tours. Wavves released their self-titled debut album in , subsequently drawing the attention of Pitchfork Media. Wavvves — Their second full-length album, Wavvves , was released on February 3, , [9] and was well received by outlets such as Spin , [10] A.

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They are most known for their lyrics that often relate to social and political commentary. After a series of tours and record releases, and the loss of Schayer replaced by Brooks Wackerman , the band returned to Epitaph records in In Spring of the band celebrated their 30th anniversary by going on a 30 nights, 30 song set tour throughout Southern California and Nevada.

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Pop Culture Smorgasbord V I realize that I haven’t done much writing due to the Pop Culture Madness tournament which took about two months too long, which may or may not have been part of my plan. With the exception of a top 10 list of the best songs by the Pixies, which you should totally check out, and the final matchup between Kel Mitchell and eventual champion Bill Murray, I haven’t been using my creative genius to rag on items in pop culture.

That being said, I’ve been keeping a list of topics I would like to address, so let’s get started. First off, when are hipsters going to start wearing brands like Ecko, Fubu, and South Pole? I’m thinking in about two years we can expect this to happen. Not so mainstream anymore! Sweet Jesus did he make a mess of his life. This whole situation about being secretly recorded by a mistress who claims to not be a mistress has everyone somewhat confused. Stiviano is possibly the most mysterious part of the whole situation.


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Are best coast and wavves still dating Wavves still dating customs in nyc meant never reconnecting with wers at the two met at royale. Bald people knew we do completely different stuff hes a good stuff but hate looking for a cleaner sound than it as.

But we decided against it, because the life-blood of indie rock is heartbreak. Without heartbreak, we wouldn’ t. The surf-pop outfit is synonymous with front-woman Bethany Cosentino, but also consists of instrumentalist Bobb Bruno and drummer Ali Koehler formerly of Vivian Girls , who joined two weeks ago. After touring heavily and. Some artistic tips in that article.

The next events you inclination neediness to do is look at where your motherboard’s mounting holes are to shape where to lay hold of the standoffs to the mounting dish in the case.

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Fun Fun Fun Photo by Bill Sallans The Fun Fun Fun Fest lineup was announced late Wednesday night by calling out the bands on the bill at a local bingo hall, because this is how we do things here these days. So does the actual bill live up to the hype? The short answer is yes. The Fun Fun Fun Fest lineup this year is one of the most balanced festival lineups in the country:

Jan 11,  · So, Best Coast and Wavves are dating and did a Christmas song together. Good gracious, it’s just kind of adorable, kind of like, Snacks, Cosentino’s cat, who has a fucking twitter. There’s a whole star-crossed, Californian lovers angle to all this.

By Adria Young Even if you’re new to the city, you should already know that Halifax has always been the centre of sweet music scenes. If you’ve always wanted to be in a band or get involved in the music industry, this city is a great place to play your first chords. It’s a welcoming, robust and diverse community with niches for all tastes, and pros in every corner. So, where to start? Got your own gear that needs repair?

Noodle some prog rock, shred some metal. Now that your new band is coming up with slick songs, you probably want to play a show, right? Some Mondays feature special guests. Since , CKDU has been flooding the airwaves with local and Canadian music and a wide variety of interesting programming. Got an idea for a radio show? CKDU offers radio training and opportunities to go live. Under various incarnations since , the Halifax Pop Explosion October , various venues is like Christmas for the music community.

Bringing in big-name acts and showcasing local talent, HPX also welcomes all-ages event volunteers during the festival.

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Life and career — My mom was also adamant about a gender-free household: Early music projects and film Love began several music projects in the s, first forming Sugar Babylon later Sugar Babydoll [b] in Portland with her friends Ursula Wehr and Robin Barbur.

Best Coast is an American rock duo formed in Los Angeles, California in The band consists of songwriter, guitarist and vocalist Bethany Cosentino and guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Bobb : Indie pop, surf, indie rock, alternative rock, power pop.

Coming to the show that night I almost got patted down by security, both before and after I went outside to eat the chocolate chip cookie I had brought along with me. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies but, if you prefer, you can usually modify your browser setting to disable or reject cookies. An abnormal music blog No Joy is a duo of shaggy and grungy hip girls from Montreal.

We may provide additional information that we have collected about you both directly and automatically to these third parties. As described above, our third party partners may use persistent identifiers to track your Internet usage across other websites, online services, email and mobile applications in their networks beyond the Services, and may combine information about you from other sources. Best Coast has a limited subject range in their music however. An Indie Rock Love Story I am not sure if this group is worthy to be called the best ever, but it is safe to say that they were the best openers I have seen in awhile.

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To places that he’d been, if only they were seventeen. Apparently the very reason I started this blog is now thwarting my blogging and its very instance. However, I come with lots and lots of lovely music news. A storage bank of beautiful gifts for you all. My dear baby ipod is a little sick, perhaps it has caught the swine flu.

Anyway, Bethany is a band called Best Coast and Nathan fronts a punk-pop-noise band called Wavves. Both hail from California and are full of a kind of youthful vigor and passion that makes me both incredibly happy and sad at the same time.

Last night, I was listening to this mix that Ali and I made the summer after Sophomore year. This was the summer when Jen and I were dating and I spent every day riding my bike to Black Elk to hang out there, on that porch, doing similar things. We took frequent trips to Pickerel Lake and Dairy Queen. Honestly, except for a few minor hiccups, life was pretty beautiful and uncomplicated. The mix I was listening to included some serious jams of that time that really managed to capture the carefree, pretty mood: Also on the mix: The soundscapes are so deep, rich and warm; the builds subtle and floating, but still present; the lyrics coated with heavy summer nostalgia.

On a day like today, gray and cold and wet, I could use a mental trip back to the lovely and golden summer of Yesterday, I sat in my kitchen, heard these sounds, and felt myself falling in love with warm, easy times all over again. Brown eyes and I was tired– We had walked and we had scrambled Through the moors and through the briars, Through the endless blue meanders, In the blue August Moon, In the cool August Moon.

Best Coast: At Home With – Episode 3