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I’m accumulating a nice little collection of vintage feedsacks. It’s hard to believe today, with our disposable mindset, that things like flour, sugar, salt, and chicken feed used to come in soft cotton bags with the loveliest prints. The label for the contents was a paper band around the sack, but the sack itself was fully reuseable. The most common bag size worked out to be about a yard of fabric. You can make a lot with a yard of fabric. My mother grew up on a farm in Idaho and remembers making things like cafe curtains, pj’s, aprons, and little tops and shorts sets out of feed sacks. That’s her at the very top of the photo. Her cousin, to the immediate right, is wearing the type of shorts set they could get out of a feedsack. I guess midriff exposure was OK in the early ’50’s! The earliest bags were made starting in the ‘s and were very utilitarian-looking with the label printed on and no florals.

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Enjoyed by great and small In suits of any sort Though better none at all. With the introduction of railroads, ocean-side beaches became even more popular for sunny recreations. Along with this new outdoor pastime came the need for a stylish garment for the privileged lady of fashion. Here we will follow the path of the history of swimwear, which began long before the modern day bikini. Although sea bathing was fashionable in the 18th century, it was considered proper to keep the skin white and untouched by the sun.

*select fabric and batting * care for quilts Paper-Pieced Quilt Books & Supplies Appliqué Thread Patches flowers, kids, wild animals, dogs, cats, women, whimsy & more.

It has been my pleasure to work with Isabelle and Christiane, who requested the use of baby and doll quilts from my personal collection for this article. For more about Christiane as a quilter in France, who’s come to love antique American quilts, see her bio. Above, she stands in front of a quilt called, Prairie Flowers. Her friends made it, using a quilt from the Metropolitan Museum collections in New York for the design.

I want to thank Isabelle Etienne-Bugnot, editor of the magazine, for the translation of the article into English. They have supplied the photos, unless otherwise noted.

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If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please contact us here to flag it for review. This panel is in as found, not freshly laundered condition with very light storage dust. I am a very friendly ebayer and simply determined to bring beautiful textiles to the world!

Circa , feedsack fabric sampler, machine pieced and quilted, doll-size; Kimberly Wulfert collection Sometimes, the doll quilt was a present sewn by a grown-up: it was then less naïve and less clumsy.

It was a really large piece of true vintage fabric I discovered when I was browsing the internet some months ago. In fact, it was a 10 yard piece I shared among some fellow sewing ladies. The most amazing quality, kind of cotton percale, clean, no stains, no damages. But around 70 years old. As I said, it’s not a feedsack. But the print is totally feedsack-esque, and many mid-century sacks actually had very similar patterns. Um ehrlich zu sein war dieser Stoff nie ein Futtersack. Nur eben schon um die 70 Jahre alt.

She had almost the same idea as me, and added blue piping. I had thought about making blue trims, but when I saw Ingrid’s version I knew I had to steal her idea and add piping. I should have known better, as after my last experience with piping I thought I was through with this Sie hatte fast die gleiche Idee und verwendete blaue Paspeln.

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This was not an ideal method of storage as tin would rust and the hand made boxes and barrels leaked and were damaged easily. They were bulky, heavy and difficult to transport. This changed in with the invention of the “stitching machine,” which made it possible to sew double locking seams strong enough to hold the contents of a bag.

As I read Kelly’s blog about the Old Feed Sack Quilt she found at a thrift shop in Nevada, I was transported back to my childhood when I made quilts with my grandmother from old feed sacks. These sacks once contained feed for the chickens my aunt and grandmother raised.

Antique Quilts , Fabric Study , hand quilting , One Patch Quilts , quilt collections , reproduction fabrics , vintage fabrics Diamond Quilt One patch quilts have been a mainstay of quilters since people picked up needles, thread and scraps of fabric. Squares, triangles and diamonds or more complex shapes such as hexagons and clamshells have been used time and time again to create sophisticated designs. One patch quilts can follow a formal layout of scraps and colours or can be randomly pieced out of the scrap basket.

Either way they make wonderful quilts. Some of the one patch quilts in my collection include squares, triangles, tumblers, hexagons and apple core shapes. I purchased this quilt top at an antique market and hand quilted it in the Baptist Fan design. The maker had some great fabrics in her scrap basket including one with the American State flags and the year the states joined the United States of America.

The last two to join were Alaska in and Hawaii in

A Guide to the McCrady (Kathleen H.) Quilt History Collection,

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GRAINSACK VINTAGE HEMP linen grain sack red blue heavy rustic primitive – $ ~*~Hello and thank you for looking~*~ This lovely hand woven grainsack from Europe dates from the late ‘s ~ ~A lovely thick, heavy sack with super nubby surface! the tone is a warm, darker natural toned ground and the stripes are variations in reds/ orange and blue~ *~~ a wonderful textile.

My adventures in Quilting and Gardening Quilt Buyer Beware For those of you who like to buy quilts at on-line auctions I thought I would give a bit of advice. There are many quilts out there that are reproduction quilts. There is nothing wrong with a reproduction quilt as long as the buyer knows that is what they are buying. They are machine pieced and hand quilted. If you are looking for a quilt for every day use these quilts are a good option.

If you are looking to buy a quilt for vintage or antique value pass on reproductions. This should be required reading for anyone interested in antique and vintage quilts and http: People who buy up estates assume that if a quilt has hand stitching and is found at an estate sale it must be old. Not exactly logical is it? I have a collection of clocks; one is a french clock from the early 18th century, does that make all my clocks french antiques?

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I do own a few 2 to be precise items that stand out: Sadly, these are exceptions. I think it’s a tragedy that most of the reproduced vintage style garments are made of cheap quality material polyester! Then, all too often, seams are badly done, zips are not working or breaking after just a few days, or the cut of the design is so awful I wonder how they could put those garments on the models to make the stock pictures. As I sew, I would like a neat finish, because that’s how I would like all my clothing to look like.

Courtelle is a trademarked name for an acrylic fiber. The trademark was originally owned by the British company Courtaulds, but after that company was broken up in , the trademark registration went to Rowlinson Knitwear, also based in the UK.

Antique American Sewing Machines: A Value Guide by James W. Slaten Assessing Your Machine The value of your antique Singer sewing machine is decided by several factors, including the sentimental value it has to you and your family. If it has been handed down through several generations, then the value remains priceless. If, however, you have purchased a machine or are interested in selling one, consider some of the following information before taking it to an appraiser. Is It Really an Antique?

First, know that a sewing machine is considered an antique if it was crafted more than years ago.

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My Dollhouse is here!!!!!! Well, I finally got around to having time to get my dollhouse to my place, either my friend Dana was busy or I was…but we finally got it here!!!!! I also noticed after looking at kits that you can by now like at Hobby Lobby, this has no siding…. I have it, just need to glue it on. It is a bit dusty…OK, really dusty, but I am going to have a good time just cleaning it! Here are some shots from the back….

Aug 30,  · If your quilt already has damage, washing can enlarge holes, bunch up batting and cause further deterioration of the fabric, so only you can choose whether it is best to actually wash a quilt, or to leave it as is, folded to display the best parts as : Quiltville’s Quips & Snips!!

Many jazz bands were lead by a band leader: Bluegrass and Country Music: Very popular during this era, though only in the USA. Delta Blues music was very prominent in the USA, with Robert Johnson as the most iconic example, but would only get extraordinarily popular in the s. Just like the s jazz was still enormously popular worldwide. It got a bigger explosion when swing came around to cut the rug.

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