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Please pick 1 post size. But we have a date tonight. You still remember what I like! You chuckled at his dorky side as you broke the hug, shaking your head. You frowned, Kwon Gyuri. Even when you guys were dating, she wants to interrupt? You sighed slightly before you grab the glass of water beside your plate, drinking it. While you were drinking, you accidentally eavesdropped. You stood up, and walked to him, who was looking out the window, maybe having a deep thought.

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Due to hectic schedules, you might be seeing him once every few months. When preparing for a comeback, he might be up practicing until the crack of dawn. Especially if your boyfriend is Park Jimin a.

Pinky Promise pt.1 (Park Jimin) • So I decided to cancel my story on Yoongi “Forbidden” simply because I have no idea how to continue it. Plot: This is a story where you and Jimin are best friends who split apart due to the one thing you both want; Fame.

Bts reactions to you being his idol gf who every idol wants to date Thanks for the request! I hope you enjoy: Originally posted by ksjknj Jin: Being attractive himself, Seokjin knew the struggles and the attention that came with it. He would have complete confidence in you and would never get jealous, and would even show you off to everyone, saying how perfect of a couple you two were.

Originally posted by bangtannoonas Suga: Originally posted by notjustaphase J-Hope: He would have complete faith in you unless proven otherwise. He would just brush off his insecure feelings and focus on making you laugh. Originally posted by theseoks Taehyung: If men were to try and flirt with you with him nearby, he might get a little defensive.


Your arguments would be like: He is a short-tempered man and well you are not a shy girl who backs off when the boyfriend shows his angry side. So you two are now mad af and yelling so loud that your neighbors would hear you clearly. You would say him to let go, exhaustion clearly to hear from your trembling voice.

Aug 02,  · I’m okay – Park Jimin, angst. anon requested. this is so sad, I almost cried:(You stared at him as he smiled cheekily at his ex, Kwon Gyuri, who’s now eyeing at .

He had been amazing. Jin was on tour at least half of the year, and you were a full time teacher, so your days together were usually long, tiring, and weirdly normal. When you finished cleaning the dishes and he was done with the mess in the living room, he took your hand and start singing to you as you danced together, finally tieing a bow to the evening. The miracle of having the rest of BTS out was something you wanted to enjoy, even with simple things as a silly ballet.

Gently straightening your bodies, he cradled your face between his hands, stroking your cheeks with so much patience. Your lips eventualy met, moving and dancing as happily as you had been dancing a few minutes ago. Ending up in the room his hands workshipped your body, caressing every corner. You bit his sensitive skin, he sucked your needing canvas. You were existing just for the other.

Sex with Jin was a safe place. That moment where the two of you could only think about yourselves, take care of each other, and disconnect from the heavy routine. His thrust were deep but slow, as always. Soft moans escaped from both of your lips, though him being so extra also made him the loudest of you two.

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You were just another ARMY then, excited to finally meet the group you supported so much. It was your turn next and you were giddy with each member until you reached him. You were stuttering over your words and he called you cute. He signed the poster you brought with you and handed it back to you with a smile.

He ran off giving you and Jimin a moment to yourselves. Jimin walked inside of the room and closed the doors behind you before he wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you in softly pressing his lips against yours as a way of greeting.

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Can I request a smut with Jimin, where his girlfriend is a virgin and they “do it” for the first time? This was also waaay longer than I wanted it to be. It was supposed to be words but I ended up making it over 1, words. First Time Jimin x Reader Rating: You never thought in a million years that you would be dating the one and only Jimin BTS, much less losing your virginity to him.

I will die writing this beacuse of Jimin feelings~ Originally posted by jiyoongis-him looking at you so much -him smiling at you -his eyes smile.

Originally posted by jayfatuasian In your one year long relationship with Jimin, you became friends with his two best friends, and they became part of your dates sometimes. Things are about to change. He was staring at your hand and the way your finger pressed against your lips, he scanned your beautiful eyes, then his eyes traveled from your face to your body and to your bare thighs. You jumped and looked at him when you found an idea. You ended up having the date outside. The way the dress hugged your figure and how you styled your hair and makeup, made him almost drool.

One of them was Jimin. The party was over, and everyone went home but the four of you, since they lived there and you decided to stay the night. Jimin smiled and told you that the three of you are enough to clean everything. Jungkook was collecting plastic cups and putting them in a bag, and you took care of cleaning the dishes while Jimin took care of cleaning the ground. You were still wearing your tight dress, which made both males stare at you from time to time.

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Wednesday May 30, A Hong Kong female singer finds herself a victim of a sex scandal when pictures of her behaving intimately with her ex-boyfriend were leaked on the Internet. Shiga Lin, 23, was shocked to find that old photographs of her with K-Chek, a relatively unknown rapper, have been exposed. On Tuesday, a teary-eyed Lin had a press conference and admitted that she took the pictures with K-Chek, who was her ex-boyfriend during her high school years. She revealed that K-Chek was a friend of her classmate and they dated for a year before breaking up over personality differences.

Jan 18,  · Hello this is Admin RaspberryJam with my sample writing. I decided to do a Jimin Imagine about how a normal day of your life would be like as Jimin’s girlfriend.

The boys glanced between them in worry and knew they needed to speak to Jimin soon about his new relationship with you. As the movie continued, your eyes grew heavy as you watched Jimin with a smile at his small flinches when the movie became too violent, your hand squeezed his thigh slightly as you nuzzled into his soft tracksuits making yourself comfortable. And as you felt your eyes grow heavy you were suddenly extremely embarrassed by the possibility of you not waking up before the movie finished, scared what the other members would think of you, asleep, on his toned thigh.

But as much as they were like his brothers, he knew this was the right thing for you two, you were both happy during all the time you spent together and he wondered if they were just jealous most of his attention was focused on you. Namjoon and Yoongi seemed to be the most supportive, impressed by the lyrics he had been churning out, suddenly easy to write because of his love of you. He had been frowning for so long that a headache had begun to form and as you stirred lightly on his thigh, he stroked your hair not only to soothe you but himself as well.

But as he looked down at you, he noticed your eyes were wide open and looking at him blankly before you tackled him into a hug so tight you bashed heads slightly. The members instantly began to apologise, worried you had heard everything, which you had. Jimin smiled and pressed a kiss to your cheek, as you both hugged each and the underlying message was easy to decipher, all you needed to know how much you loved each other.

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It’s all a product of our imagination. These are original works made by us, so please, do not redistribute them anywhere without our consent. Scenario where you and the shortie jimin are dating, one day ur hanging out with BTS and ur bf, jimin went to his room to get dress changed into comfy clothes cause why not? Jimin was like that so tender and loving; he made all the effort for you to have a great time in your dates. Finally our Jiminnie set you free- You giggled at his words; Hoseok was always so enthusiastic about everything, Jimin shoved his hyung away for he was getting too close to you.

You dismissed their funny antics to give your boyfriend some support.

Best Of Me – Jimin Version. “You know, tell us about you two dating.” Jimin shot you both a devilish grin, like he cracked some sort of code, but he got everything wrong. The other boys at the table though went into shock and had smiles on their faces, like they’ve been waiting for this too.

Hi can you do a scenario where you and Jimin have a really bad fight and he leaves and then he comes back in like the middle of the night to you having a nightmare and crying?? You know that I was always the jealous type especially when my girlfriend is this pretty. Maybe I was wrong and you never really loved me the way I love you. You always have fan girls chasing you around.

Are you trying to break up with me for this little thing, Park Jimin? You ran to your room, closed the door.

[21+] BTS FF (OneShot) – Jimin – Dating a Devil