Technical Director, Si Media Production, simediapro. In other places it’s often referred to as the Student Council. Ryusei, we don’t know you nor your school. It’s different for everyone. At this school, the African Americans identified more with the white Americans than they did with the Asians, and the Latinos did not get along with the Asians for the most part. I don’t know what to tell you except Good luck, hope you win and be a good President. Of course if TL is hired to help and you do win we expect to have some of our political platforms recognized. I know that it looks good on your resume for college but seriously, I did not know competition like this existed outside movies. The fact that all the Asians will vote for you is so racist I do not know whether to laugh or cry.

How MMR works

Another tournament, another writeup! TS4 took place in December , and was a lot of fun and went by entirely too quickly as as result. LaNm seems to grow, or evolve, with each event I see him at, and he just seems to be more and more comfortable with the camera, media, and whatever gets thrown at him. Kinda the veteran aura, I guess. This was the guy that, after all, made a joke about Chinese Dota being dead on stage at the Frankfurt Major.

EHOME has been his project and, well, home in esports for the greater part of a decade now and his words seem reasonable as I help him figure New kids on the block out the logistics of it all over the phone later that afternoon… What follows is some relatively carefree catching up with various people through the day — KotLguy says hi and we chat about his recent travels and work in Dota:

This isn’t a pub matchmaking game, this is a Top 5 team with established members of the competitive community going up against a group of fun seeking players who thought they would give it a shot. They could have renamed this match Yankees vs Sandlot.

Please provide your feedback regarding matchmaking in this thread only. We only appreciate precise, objective, constructive, and to-the-point feedback. When posting please post in the following format: Explain why you do not like it. Give examples with matchID if possible. Finally, you must tell us what we can do to improve this aspect.

Do not reply to others posts in this thread. If you keep posting again without following the proper format, you may have your posting privileges revoked. EricTams advised that changes have been made to the matchmaking algorithms to utilize the number of games played amongst other things. Please base your views on matchmaking after this point.

General Information about Matchmaking note that the quotes link to fruitful topics that you might want to read too Vlog by Purge summarizing many aspects of the current matchmaking Originally Posted by EricTams As far as Matchmaking is concerned none of those buckets [low, medium, high] exist – We match on a continuous scale. Originally Posted by EricTams the easiest way to think about it is as a percentile rank so levels.

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Liquipedia They say that the journey is worth more than the destination. It’s taken him across continents and has had him learn two different languages just to be able to get a little closer to his destination. Experience a little bit of it for yourselves as he explains what it has been like to get into competitive DotA and Dota 2. Pretty cold here tonight:

– Added a player set for Invoker by iceiceice – Added weaponry for Sven, Doom, Spectre, Windranger, Alchemist, Warlock, and Slark. – 5 solo players will never match against a 5 man party in Ranked Matchmaking (and will be extremely unlikely in Unranked).

D Jumat, 30 Oktober Uchiha Itachi Hay guys maaf nih sudah lama gak update ya mungkin karna kesibukan gue: D mungkin lu lu pada kngen sma gue ups: SetAnnouncerDisabled no longer also disables the Killing Spree announcer. Fixed a bug where there would occasionally be geometry corruption when a Hero first loads into the map. Added over new voice lines to the Default Announcer for Custom Games to use – Low Priority games now use Single Draft rather than All Random – The Owned Item Details page now allows you to purchase chisels and hammers when you try to add sockets or remove gems – The Owned Item Details page now allows you to change item name or description, as well as clear gifting information.

You no longer may change this information from the armory. Scepter Doom no longer increases damage – 6. The main client will be updated with the 6. Fixed bug where scaleform ultimate pips could draw behind a panorama-only topbar – Custom Games: Added support for suppressing the endgame scaleform chat: Fixed crash when importing loading screens – Workshop Importer: Portrait editor now previews the correct portrait animation and allows any animation to be selected for preview.

You can turn off this behavior in the Options menu. Low Priority games now have to be won in order to count.

Matchmaking Episode 6

This is to keep your weight low in matchmaking. Defenses aren’t unusable whilst upgrading so there is no reason to sit on money and not upgrade things with your offense maxed, except to manipulate weights. With all these clans using 9. Some of the clans on your list have had mismatched wars in the entirety of the lists existence and yet are still on the list. I remember when the real top war clans would war each other all the time.

Jul 02,  · I’m proud to say I’ve finally stepped away from this game for good, the abysmal matchmaking due to Aus server being unpopular as **** played a part. Game is dying and rapidly, the reign of mobas has come and gone.

Apparently my friend worked on the Chapter 13 and 14 and if you saw it and “think” it was shitty, then that’s not me. For further clarifications, I’m remaking chapter 13 and 14 and then include famous play-styles by Internationally well-known Players like Yaphets, Dendi, Puppey, Chuan, and many many many and even Ferrari, and many many many, and even Iceiceice, and many many-nah I’m just joking, I will include them styles though and how they play.

Unfortunately, the previous Chapter 13 had no current information about it so I remade both 13 and It is true YaphetS said once in an interview to “experiment with your own builds because it will measure how good you play as SF. Ok that’s a nerdy way to put it, it means that if you don’t THINK and just act on your own, over the plays your Prediction will develop. This part of the chapter is about developing the micro-skill Prediction, if you want to see how to play Mirana or how YaphetS plays, go further down.

A beginner doesn’t know what the tiny map on the left side is for, right? He doesn’t know what Agility, Strength, Intelligence mean. He just plays on how you play and tries to kill you. Going back to Prediction, it can be improved by using 2 methods. This is very common for players to do, even with their friends. A pro player fights with noobs or beginners 1v1 or 5v5[5v5 on DotA 2 since I don’t know if there is already a 1v1 matchmaking] and “WINS” all the time.


The most-played game on Steam. Every day, millions of players worldwide enter battle as one of over a hundred Dota heroes. And no matter if it’s their 10th hour of play or 1, th, there’s always something new to discover. With regular updates that ensure a constant evolution of gameplay, features, and heroes, Dota 2 has truly taken on a life of its own. When it comes to diversity of heroes, abilities, and powerful items, Dota boasts an endless array—no two games are the same.

The Video Game Awards will take place on Friday, December 5, at the AXIS Theater in Las Vegas. Fans will be able to attend the event or watch it online through several platforms, including Steam, PS Network, Xbox Live and YouTube.

Posted by Online Geek at 8: This is just like a Television Channel which can only be seen through the internet. Most of us are spending lots of time with our computer. You don’t have to move away from your monitor to watch a show live now. Flippish Flippish has a lot of talented hosts that can carry and can give a great show. They have a lot of shows where you can interact.


We still Have plenty to improve on Iceiceice is undoubtedly one of the most colourful figures in Dota 2, and potentially the entire esports scene. First emerging as a rotating player for Scythe at TI1, he became one of the very few foreigners who made his mark in the cruelly competitive Chinese Dota universe. After three long years and coming breathtakingly close yet heartbreakingly distant to a championship at the Dota 2 Asia Championships in , he decided to come back to his native Lion City.

To find out how he has been doing since TI6, ImbaTV invited him to write to them and he duly delivered — we have the full translation of his piece below: At that point, I had already spent two years in China and felt tired.

After their matches, iceiceice notices the shirt I have on and goes, “whoa. Nice shirt.” It’s a DK iceiceice shirt and it is indeed a nice shirt! This pic is from later but that’s the shirt and that’s the iceiceice. Long-awaited, ranked matchmaking comes. On Dec 12, , .

You can get some free hearthstone keys in Singapore! Just when I was talking about vicariously Hearthstoning due to a lack of beta key, Blizzard started their next round of invites and one landed into my email! So naturally I took it out for a spin! Took the key in the email and keyed it into my game. Blizz is packaging their launcher client with hearthstone. I think the mb is for the blizzard bnet launcher beta their version of steam client i guess , the actual hearthstone looks to be abotu 3.

Finally ready to go! Here are some random screens, from playing with players, opening a pack and some familiar characters from the introduction!

Experience Suggestion: Identify newer players and veterans in matchmade games

Of all the players in DotA 2, Gideon http: I’ve seen soo many matches where mid Gideon is still surviving ganks and yet bottom is getting destroyed 1v2. Your allies are not idiots, they are doing their best, sometimes are decent players, but if you have just won 2 matches in a row, my friend, you have to lose your next match and the MM GIVES NO FUCKS on how badly all 5 of you are going to lose and what kind of terrible terrible experience your going to have.

This applies to everyone, I’m not pro, but yo I tell you, having to lane with a casual player who to no fault of their own, doesn’t have the reaction times to move out of a spell range and just dies over and over to it, really frustrates them and you. Now onto why the hell all of this is happening, well Valve decided that casual players don’t want to play a game that’s too hard.

Matchmaking with SingSing & Pajkatt На Dota2nw вы сможете увидеть рейтинг и статистику всех игроков доты 2, а так же ознакомиться с.

Atau Anda telah sering bermain namun masih tidak bermain dengan baik juga? Artikel ini akan membantu Anda untuk mempelajari cara bermain Dota 2. Ketika Anda baru belajar bermain, Anda disarankan untuk bermain melawan bot terlebih dahulu. Dengan begini, Anda akan belajar tentang dasar-dasar permainan dan membiasakan diri Anda dengan kontrol di dalam permainan tersebut, sehingga ketika Anda bermain bersama teman, Anda tidak akan menjadi beban di dalam tim.

Mulailah belajar dengan bermain bersama bot terlebih dahulu. Orang-orang yang Anda temui dalam permainan tidak akan ramah terhadap Anda jika Anda membebani tim dalam permainan. Cara lain untuk bermain dengan bot adalah dengan bergabung dengan Co-op bot match.

WTF 10 Sec total stun duration, TOPSON trying the new Rubick, Gameplay Dota

Sometimes the luck swing is that bad Often the luck swing is that bad! So I would say that that was, indeed, poor planning. One of the hardest things about Wesnoth is knowing when it was poor planning, and when it was the RNG , but the truth is, it’s almost never the RNG: I have seen posts by top ladder players acknowledging that luck decides the game about 1 out of 20 times. But that means that the other 19 out of 20 are decided by the strategy.

Here is the rationale for luck from the game’s designer.

May 11,  · it’s hard to use depending on the terrain especially on the ramps and his q deals your physical attacks so diffusal, deso & basher is a good to go item for a core but still there are few tweaks to be done for it to be a decent one.

Jadinya pada mentingin nyampah entah sekedar gengsi, atau buat ngejar post atau dapetin KasPlus tiap trit baru. Setelah post ini, setiap ada yang diskusi IYD dengan tujuan sarkastik atau nyampah, langsung request delete post ke-mod. Di sarankan buat yang masih mau lanjut nge-junk tentang IYD dan semua ke agungannya bisa di lanjutkan buat Trit baru, entah di Sub-Forum Dota 2 ini. Jadi di jaga kebersihan diskusinya guna mendapatkan hasil yang lebih bermakna IYD aja ngga kenal elu2 pade, elu2 pade bisa kayak IYD kagak?

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Matchmaking Episode 6 – Sheever & Admiral Bulldog